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Author: Amanda

Rural Alaskan Grave

Your One Wild and Precious Life

This is usually a work-focused blog but I wanted to break from that, for a moment, to ask you a question – What is it you’re working for?  I’ve asked myself this question at least a dozen times in the last several weeks. And reflecting on it led to the realization that: The periods of my life marked by […]

inbox anxiety

Eliminate Email Anxiety

It’s hard to think of anything we assign more attention and anxiety to on a daily basis than email. Over the years I’ve experimented with literally dozens of plans to increase productivity, improve flow, and lower work-related stress. During the holidays I re-read parts of The 4-Hour Workweek and discovered that implementing #3 below radically improved my ability to […]


1 Simple Question to Relieve Work Stress

If you are like everyone else on the internet, you probably suffer long periods of distraction. And if you’re distracted there’s a good chance you’re procrastinating. (You’re not the only one.) Let go for too long, these many small procrastinations morph into one mammoth stressor. This is the kind of stress that makes you talk […]

1925 Drexel Women's Rifle Team

No one’s going to give you permission

I recently crossed the threshold into affiliate marketing fossildom; namely, turning 30 years old. For an industry as young as internet marketing is proving to be, it feels two ticks to the right of ancient.

But I digress.

Allow me 60 seconds of your time to distill a myth that I bought into, hard and heavy, for most of my twenties. It is a complete waste of time.

You don’t need permission to ________________. (Insert whatever it is you want here).

Seriously. Read it again.

moleskine to do list

Reverse To-Do List

I am a list builder. I break projects down into their most granular tasks and write them down in a to-do list on an old school scrap of notebook paper. If you look around my desk, folded and tucked neatly reused as bookmarks into books on my shelf, and in my round file cabinet (aka […]

attitude charles swindoll


While rummaging through some old papers early this morning I stumbled on a quote I kept on the cork board above my desk in college.

I thought it practicable when I was 19, but in rereading I find so much more truth to it today, ten years worth of life experiences later.

working solo

631 Days of Working for Myself

I quit my nine-to-five 1 year, 8 months and 21 days ago. There are a few things I wish I had known before setting out and quite a few I have to keep reminding myself along the way. So rather then scrawl it into yet another notebook I thought I’d publish it.

If you haven’t left your job yet…

"Either write something worth reading or do something worth writing." – Benjamin Franklin


Random Quote

You are remembered for the rules you break.

— Douglas MacArthur